ZTCHoldings signs up to build an intelligent manufacturing base in Nanhai of Foshan city

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ZTCHoldings, the leading Chinese telecom conglomerate, signed in mid-October to build an intelligent manufacturing industry base with the Nanhai District government of Foshan city in Guangdong Province with an investment plan of RMB5 billion ($769 million). ZTC intends to run the new manufacturing base for future financial listings, JW Insights has learned.

Source: Duchuang

ZTCHoldings Co. Ltd (中兴新通讯有限公司), is the parent company of China's largest listed communications equipment company ZTE.

Wei Zaiheng, chairman of ZTCHoldings, said his company's current intelligent manufacturing business already has a stable group of clients in 5G communication, new energy, rail transit, big data, and UHV fields.

ZTCHoldings aims to leverage its resources to take up a leading position in high-end precision manufacturing in three years, go listing for its intelligent manufacturing business in five years, and become a stronger player in ten years, Wei added. 

Established in 1985, ZTC started by developing one of the earliest telephone switching systems in the country. It has grown to a state-owned investment holding group in ten major business areas, including telecommunications, semiconductor electronics, machinery, new materials, new energies, and financial investment.

In the telecommunications field, ZTE is the core supplier to major carriers like China Mobile(中国移动), China Telecom(中国电信), China Unicom(中国联通), China Tower(中国铁塔), and Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd. (星网锐捷).

In the medical field, it has established strategic partnerships with the world's top medical equipment companies such as Siemens, Mindray(迈瑞医疗), and YHLO(亚辉龙).

In addition, ZTCHoldings is the core supplier to drone maker DJI(大疆科技), top PV inverter maker Sungrow (阳光电源),LED display maker Unilumin(洲明科技) and intelligent finance provider GRG Banking (广电运通).

Yan Haobo, a Nanhai District government official, said that Nanhai hopes ZTCHoldings will settle down well in Foshan and bring into play its strengths in industrial and financial resources.

Nanhai District has set a goal to develop more electronics and information industries since 2016. It has its efforts through favorable policies and proactive promotions. ZTCHoldings’ new project is its latest result.

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来源:爱集微 #ZTCHoldings# #Nanhai# #Foshan# #ZTE#



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