Northern China's Nankai University alumni gather at JWSS to explore semiconductor industry development and discuss technology transfer of research achievements

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By Greg Gao

(JW Insights) Jun 14 -- Alumni of Nankai University, located in northern China's Tianjin City, gathered at the JiWei Semiconductor Summit 2023 (JWSS) on June 3.

The forum, held in Xiamen of southeastern China's Fujian Province, brought together dozens of prominent figures in the semiconductor industry, including entrepreneurs, academic professors, and investors across the country.

Huang Guoqian, the president of the Nankai University Alumni Association in Xiamen, couraged the Nankai professionals to make continued contributions to China's semiconductor industry.

Professor Liu Weiwei from the College of Optoelectronics at Nankai University presented the current status and vision of the university’s Optics Research Institute. He highlighted the institute’s efforts in overcoming challenges related to photolithography materials, including photoresist, leveraging Nankai’s advantages in optics. Their breakthroughs in core materials and process equipment have established the institute’s distinctiveness and solidified Nankai University’s position in the semiconductor field.

Liu emphasized their goal of synthesizing a new generation of photoresists and striving for a world-leading position. He also expressed their aspirations for breakthroughs in high-end scientific instruments, including photolithography light sources and other areas.

In his speech on “New GaN MicroLED Display Technology and Industrialization,” Liu Zhaojun, the chairman of Shenzhen Sitan Technology, said that while traditional integrated circuit chips have suboptimal integration of electrical and optical components, MicroLED represents a significant advancement in this aspect. 

Yan Hejun, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, shared his insights on high-end technology investments and he stressed the importance of a global perspective and globalized efforts.

Representatives from investment institutions shared their strategies and observations on the current industry development under continued geopolitical tensions. They included Liu Yimin, a partner at Cowin Capital, and Cui Yong, the chairman of an asset management firm.

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来源:爱集微 #JW Insights# #Nankai University# #Edu & Research#



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